Another seed company coming , cry our beloved soil

Another seed company coming , cry our beloved soil

More army worms coming ……


Even at this hour when the country is slowly realising that seed and fertiliser companies are the sole distributors of army worms in Zambia, the government has just contracted another potential agricultural killer.

According to government media, Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa has travelled to India to sign a contract with a crop genetics company that will start manufacturing hybrid seeds in Luapula province. The Indian company is called Vibha Seeds Group.

Chilangwathanked President Lungu for sending him to India saying Vibha’s coming to Zambia and Luapula Province in particular would change the agricultural landscape of the Province. But of course. Army worms do change the landscape by making sure that our soils are spoiled and can only sustain foreign crops after poor farmers struggle and suffer to plant, replant, spray after spraying. How can the landscape be the same when indigenous seeds have been wiped out systematically by foreign seed companies?

After the meeting and tour of the plant, Mr. Vidyasagar immediately signed up to roll out Vibha’s expansion programme to Zambia’s Luapula Province. For sure. Zambia is a dumping ground for any shit as long as government officials get their cuts.

The owners say Vibha Seeds Group, is a crop genetics and hybrid seed companies in India. It deals in plant breeding and crop improvement research, quality seed production and marketing.
According to its owners,the Hybrids developed by the group are unique in enhancing crop yield, resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses and nutritive value. Vibha Seeds Group boasts specialties in crop genetics, plant breeding, Hybrid seeds, crop improvement research.

ZWD COMMENT: we don’t need more or any of these seed conglomerates. They should be banned,  all of them. Government should immediately start restocking and promoting indigenous seed. These foreign companies are here for one thing and one thing only: making profits out of our soils. They don’t care what will happen 10 or 100 years from now to our soil. They can never tell you how dangerous their chemically developed seed is. This only us Zambians can see and take remedial actions. Our leaders like  Chilangwa are blinded by trips to India; bribes and sitting allowances. They have neither the will, stamina nor capacity to question these so called investors.

Government should urgently reverse the damage caused by seed companies. We insist, army worms are distributed by seed companies.

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