Airtel should stop lying about ‘Free 25 minutes’

Dear ZWD editor thank you for allowing me to air my views on your popular site. I want to clarify the misnormer  for the airtel so called FREE 25 minutes.when in fact we actually pay for them. I don’t think the term free minutes is befitting the service being offered.something is not free if u have to pay for it. Thus they should find a better name maybe  “25 min package for k2” for this is misleading to the general public.
On top of that the service is really bad with calls cutting almost every time a call is made as if they are for “free”.
The same can be said concerning the promotional massages they send pertarning to competitions which by the way lack proper rules for the public to understand.
What is ZICTA doing to regulate these vices that seem so petty but they affect every subscribers and these communication companies are making huge profits from these seemingly petty issues.

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