Airtel money continues facilitating robbery



Airtel Zambia not all helping at all , today I wanted to send money to a friend then I made a mistake on a digit then it went to a wrong person, I initiated a reverse transaction and the person didn’t approve after 4 hours I tried to call the same number telling the person to approve the reversal she refused ati you are the thieves who are stealing money from people,then I asked her haven’t you received any money from my number she replied yes then why are you refusing to send it back she hang up. Then I called Airtel to help but unfortunately they said they can’t do anything I just have to call the same person who received the money🥺🥺🥺, I’m depressed

Why can’t they make it possible for the sender to cancel and reverse the money when s/he makes a mistake without depending on receiver to approve the reversal ?


  1. Here we go again…Airtel. From your explanation the person you mistakenly sent the money to. Can’t access it. From Airtel explanation, they would 1. Want to you travel from wherever you are/live to one of their offices to follow up on am issue like this; like they paid for you to get there. Speak to some arrogant person called a Manager; who will give you a further run around “flexing like they are some God”. Just to tel you to come back after 72 hours. Yes, there are scammers. Have we seem any that have been arrested? So clearly no one cares.
    Ideally, you should have to travel to their offices. These monies originated from your Phone, if blocked and the person is notified by text. When they fail to respond after 3 hours after the message is sent to them that they need to confirm or reverse the amount. Airtel should invoke a reversal. Period! Don’t make people have to dance for what is a small issue. If your controls are weak and pilfering occurs in Airtel don’t punish the customer. You seem to breeding a group of arrogant self serving staff than staff that serve customers which drives the institutional “bottom line”. Have a number that should deal with staff more so managers in your branches that act like “God”.

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