AFCON construction is a disgrace


With todays heavy rains we have seen the shoddy road works done by indian contractors . Is zambia a dumping ground for your poor workmanship?
1. Most drainage works were awarded to PF cadres who have failed to construct drainages on the ring road .
2. The traffic lights which AFCON put has created traffic congestions . This was supposed to be de-congestion project for your information. Look at the road from kamwala joining into independence avenue. The lights show a green arrow on the left but the 1st car wants to turn right so all the cars are stranded . Why didn’t they make an extra lane for cars to turn left ? You don’t need a rocket scientist to design this for you , it is common sense .
3. The speed at which foreign trucks are cruising on this road will create a traggic accident very soon .
Can garry nkombos ministry look into this and bring the contractor on the table to re-do the mess ?


  1. Afcons is a good contractor, for have Thier work in Dubai and it’s of impeccable quality, having said that this project was procured with PF whose only purpose was to steal. The blame should be with the consultants who are responsible for the quality inspections of the work carried out. Start there first and you will see how deep the rabbit hole goes (back to PF)

  2. Dont rash in putting a blame on AFCON here in zambia we have the ENGINEERING INSTITUTION OF ZAMBIA i believe they were the ones doing inspection’s on these projects these are the people you need to blamed. and on the issue of congestion on roads you can’t surly blame traffic lights, were they are cars they will be congestion.the easy way out to this is to ask the EIZ to explain WHAT, WHY and HOW to the questions and consents people have.

  3. What has or did EIZ have to do with this? The govt can look up the contractors who did this work, even the subcontractors and grab their properties sell them and have this work redone. Whether we like it or not, we cannot avoid make reference to PF mediocrity for a long time to come.

    • Eiz deals with membership. This solely falls under NCC, RDA and the local authority. It’s like blaming Acca or Zica for a dull accountant in Mulobezi. Raise a complaint against the contractor for professional misconduct.
      You will find a Cadre with grade 2 under NCC did the work. Stop blaming EIZ for work done by Cadres

  4. What is the Engineering Institution of Zambia saying? Is it waiting to be prodded before it says something?

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