‘Advice to victims of landgrabbing by PF cadres’


Thank you for the great work that you are doing. Please will you publish my letter to Zambian voters as they prepare to vote in the January 20, 2015.

May I just address my fellow Zambians that have been victims of PF cadres grabbing of land. If your land was threatened by PF cadres then you better think and vote wisely. If your ka plot has been grabbed by PF cadres then think twice as you vote. You may not have been a victim but remember these cadres will pounce on your land anytime especially if Lungu wins.

They will come with pangas and you will be helpless. Remember when it comes to PF cadres even the police is useless. You have power in your hands- the voters’ card!

Some of you my brothers and sisters have not been victims of cadres but the government itself! Your hard earned house that you struggled to build was demolished at night and you were left in cold! The government has not and will never compensate you. It is time to punish them. Punish them by working up early on January 20. 2015 and cast your vote! It’s time to show them your anger.

Please don’t think that you are safe. This is a timely warning

I write this because I own a plot in Lusaka. My plot maybe at danger from PF cadres. As for me and my family we have made decision to cast our vote. We will put PF where they belong that is, in the opposition by January 21, 2015.


PF cadres’ victim


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